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Fences, Dog Kennels, Puppy Houses and Other Projects: Contracting Blogs

Hello! My name is C.J., and as you may have guessed from the title of my blog, I am a huge dog lover. My dog has specialised things in my home like a built-in shelf for his food and water bowls and a dedicated grooming area with a bath. Outside, he has his own shady area, a dog house with a heated floor and a sturdy fence. I worked with contractors through all of those projects, and I hope to do even more. This blog is going to talk about contracting... I hope to start with some posts about the process involved in some of the things the contractor made for my pup but I also plan to include some posts with a more general contracting focus. Take a look and enjoy!

Fences, Dog Kennels, Puppy Houses and Other Projects: Contracting Blogs

Simple Ways to Add Some Style and Personality to Your Home

Irene Little

If your home seems to lack personality and style, you can spend thousands of dollars on a remodel or renovation, but this is usually out of the budget of most homeowners, and may not even be necessary. Very often there are small and simple things you can do to add personality and style to your home, and make the space uniquely your own. Note a few changes you might make to your home's interior so that it's attractive and welcoming, and a space you'll really love.

Add wood planks

A good way to dress up a blank and boring wall, and to bring some natural elements into a room, is to cover that wall with wood planks. You can typically buy planks meant for wall covering for a very affordable price, and then easily cut them to size. Since the planks won't hold the weight of anything as a shelf would, you can glue them directly to the wall without worrying about anchors or other heavy-duty connectors. The planks will add texture and depth and help break up the look of plain drywall.

Change the flooring

Changing the flooring of your home is not as difficult as you might expect; carpeting can actually be dyed so that it's an entirely different shade or colour, and timber floors can be painted or stained another colour as well. Adding new floor tiles over current tiles is also more affordable and easier than you might assume, as you can often use peel-and-stick tiles that adhere to the current tiles, for a fresh new look.

Interior details

Changing up some details in a home's interior can be a good choice for updating its appearance; you might swap out faucets and door and drawer handles in the kitchen and bathroom to something updated and modern. Change the door handles in the home to something that also coordinates; you might opt for matte black items throughout the home, for a fresh appearance.

If your home's staircase is not enclosed, you might also update it for a fresh look. Choose a modern balustrade made of oversized metal or painted wood. Swap out traditional wood spindles for glass panels so the staircase looks open and modern, or choose something unique such as metal pipe or carved wood branches. Wood stairs themselves might also be painted, or you might cover them with a tinted safety glass that adds light and style to the stairs, and makes them look unique while still keeping them safe.