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Fences, Dog Kennels, Puppy Houses and Other Projects: Contracting Blogs

Hello! My name is C.J., and as you may have guessed from the title of my blog, I am a huge dog lover. My dog has specialised things in my home like a built-in shelf for his food and water bowls and a dedicated grooming area with a bath. Outside, he has his own shady area, a dog house with a heated floor and a sturdy fence. I worked with contractors through all of those projects, and I hope to do even more. This blog is going to talk about contracting... I hope to start with some posts about the process involved in some of the things the contractor made for my pup but I also plan to include some posts with a more general contracting focus. Take a look and enjoy!

Fences, Dog Kennels, Puppy Houses and Other Projects: Contracting Blogs

Building Supplies You Could Consider When Looking For Sustainable Options

Irene Little

With resources on the decline globally, more and more people are looking for sustainable options that would make their structures ecofriendly. Moreover, the process of building construction creates a significant carbon footprint, and this is not sustainable for the planet. If you are looking for green solutions that would meet your building needs without hurting the environment, you should consider the following building supplies.

Solar tiles

One sustainable building material that you could consider for your structure is solar tiles. Traditional roofing tiles are manufactured using energy-intensive processes, which have a significant impact on the environment. Moreover, the conventional tiles do not have a guaranteed life span. Once they are installed on the roof, their main function is to protect the structure from the elements, and this results in them weathering over time. Solar tiles, on the other hand, are designed to be integrated right into the building structure. Thus, they are multifunctional in that they offer protection from the elements while also acting as a source of energy for the structure in the same way that solar roof panels work.

Bricks made from wool

When most people hear the word bricks, they conjure images of concrete or clay supplies. Although these bricks were a staple in building construction, more and more developers are gravitating toward wool bricks. These types of bricks are made of clay that has additional materials incorporated into it such as natural wool and polymers that are found in seaweed. After being fired, these bricks are much stronger than their conventional counterparts are. Moreover, the wool bricks also have a greater resistance to cold weather, which helps in keeping your structure insulated from thermal loss.

Recycled concrete

Undoubtedly, one of the go-to building materials the world over is concrete. However, the manufacture of concrete is quite energy intensive, which causes it to produce a staggering amount of carbon emissions into the air. To counter this, you should consider making use of sustainable concrete, is made from recycled concrete. This form of concrete will have other materials incorporated into it such as wood chips, glass and more. Although the addition of the materials does not radically change the process of concrete manufacture, it does reduce the carbon emissions produced. Moreover, the incorporation of recycled materials such as slag and glass also functions to ease the burden on the environment, as these materials do not decompose quickly, if at all.