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Fences, Dog Kennels, Puppy Houses and Other Projects: Contracting Blogs

Hello! My name is C.J., and as you may have guessed from the title of my blog, I am a huge dog lover. My dog has specialised things in my home like a built-in shelf for his food and water bowls and a dedicated grooming area with a bath. Outside, he has his own shady area, a dog house with a heated floor and a sturdy fence. I worked with contractors through all of those projects, and I hope to do even more. This blog is going to talk about contracting... I hope to start with some posts about the process involved in some of the things the contractor made for my pup but I also plan to include some posts with a more general contracting focus. Take a look and enjoy!

Fences, Dog Kennels, Puppy Houses and Other Projects: Contracting Blogs

Ensuring Your Air Conditioning System Is Not Exacerbating Allergies

Irene Little

Other than having an air conditioning system to ensure comfortable temperature levels indoors, this system also works toward filtering out contaminants from your air. But what if your air conditioning system is actually contributing to the agitation of your allergies? Some homeowners do not realise this and simply live in their residences assuming they are destined to perpetually contend with sinuses and other allergens. The truth is your air conditioning system should also be allergy friendly, especially for homeowners who suffer from different respiratory allergies. The following are some of the ways that you can ensure your air conditioning system is not exacerbating your allergies.

Opt for air conditioning that uses a refrigerated operating system

One of the easiest ways to ensure that your cooling system is allergy friendly is opting for one that uses refrigerated air conditioning. These come in an array of types ranging from split systems, window systems or simple portable units that you can move from one room to another. A refrigerated system will not only keep the air in your residence cool, but it will also function to reduce the levels of humidity in your home. With decreased humidity, you make your residence less susceptible to becoming a breeding ground for an array of microorganisms such as dust mites, mould and more.

Opt for a sterilising air conditioning system

Another option you could look into when it comes to allergy friendly units is sterilising air conditioning systems. Conventional air conditioners will only have filters to eliminate contaminants from your air. However, not all pollutants that float through the air are in a particulate form. A range of microscopic pollutants that you can find in indoor air includes viruses, bacteria and a range of other microbes that can greatly affect your overall health. A popular option in sterilising units are those that come incorporated with ultraviolet light. The UV light will zap any microbes it comes into contact with, which ensures that the air you breathe is clean and microbe free.

Ensure filters are cleaned or replaced as needed

No matter how efficient your air conditioning system's filters are, if they are not in tiptop shape, they will not be able to function properly. Homeowners who neglect air conditioner servicing are prone to contaminate air, as their filters will simply be recirculating the dirt that they have been collecting over time back into your indoor air, compromising its overall quality. To prevent this, ensure you schedule regular cleaning or replacement of these filters as needed.