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Fences, Dog Kennels, Puppy Houses and Other Projects: Contracting Blogs

Hello! My name is C.J., and as you may have guessed from the title of my blog, I am a huge dog lover. My dog has specialised things in my home like a built-in shelf for his food and water bowls and a dedicated grooming area with a bath. Outside, he has his own shady area, a dog house with a heated floor and a sturdy fence. I worked with contractors through all of those projects, and I hope to do even more. This blog is going to talk about contracting... I hope to start with some posts about the process involved in some of the things the contractor made for my pup but I also plan to include some posts with a more general contracting focus. Take a look and enjoy!

Fences, Dog Kennels, Puppy Houses and Other Projects: Contracting Blogs

Four Benefits of Shading Your Hired Skip

Irene Little

If you are hiring a skip for a special project, you should try to keep the skip in the shade. Having a shady area to place your skip benefits you in a number of ways. Here's a look at just some of the benefits:

1. Shade slows down the rotting of food, reducing odours.

When rubbish smells, it's typically because it's full of food that is rotting. As you know, heat increases the speed of rotting, which is why people keep perishable items in their refrigerators. By placing your skip in the shade, you help to slow down the rotting process and potentially reduce the odours that are emitted from your skip.

2. Shade protects you and other people using the skip.

If you are doing a renovation project, cleaning out a foreclosed home or anything else that involves working inside the house, you don't want to have to step into the heat every time you need to throw something away. A shade helps to prevent that.

It can be particularly effective if you connect a sunsail to one side of your garage. That way, you can walk directly from the garage to the skip and throw away your rubbish without ever stepping into the hot sun.

3. Shade prevents the exterior of the skip from heating up.

Hot metal can be uncomfortable to the touch, and even a plastic skip lid can absorb heat and become too hot to comfortably touch. Whether you shade your skip right next to your garage or in any other area, the shade can help to keep the skip cool, indirectly protecting your skin when you touch it.

4. Shade is easy to install over a skip.

In addition to the benefits provided by shading your skip, you will also find that shade is easy to create. If you have a carport or even a very large garage, you can put the skip in one of those shady areas. Similarly, trees work as well.

However, in lieu of using a permanent structure, you can put a portable canopy over a small skip or a sun sail over a large skip. If you opt to use a sunsail and don't have posts to support it with, you can easily hang it from two eyelet screws connected to the side of your house, garage or shed. Then, you can stretch the sunsail so that it is connected to the far side of the skip. This creates a slanted sun shade that can work well in most circumstances as long as you keep the lid of the skip open—it's hard to open and close the lid when the sun sail is in the way.